Saturday, December 6, 2014

Instant Salabat for this cold Christmas season :D

Tis Christmas time again! Time to wear on the jackets and sip hot hot drinks!

And, one of the traditional Filipino teas served during the cold seasons is the SALABAT (ginger tea).

Not only is salabat a perfect partner for your knitted clothing, it's also known to be good for your voice! Not only that, ginger is used to:

  • treat stomach problems including morning sickness and nausea,
  • relieve tired muscles, and
  • improve blood circulation.

However, boiling ginger is a tedious, timely task. Good thing  there's instant homemade salabat!

Here's a time-lapse video on how they made it: it's very cool! 

This Christmas season, they made a limited edition package. 

Just for Php100, you can avail this natural brew. You can even give this to your friends for Christmas.

Cool and elegant packaging made just for this season. Get one (or more,for your friends) now. :D

For orders, you may contact Gen: 0917-549-3148.

*all photos used in this blog are from mcgen
**this is a sponsored post.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

MAROES EVENTS: For your party needs

Celebrations are best done with parties. That's why MAROES EVENTS will get you covered!

Ferrari themed-birthday party from MAROES EVENTS

They do full or on-the-day coordination, and they have party needs/services like:
  1. balloons, candy corner
  2. cheese and chocolate fondue
  3. food carts and pastries
  4. photo services
  5. invitations
  6. giveaways
  7. food caterers
  8. glitter tattoo
I had a chance to go to a christening and a birthday party coordinated by them, and I must say that their cheese and chocolate fondue, and candy corner were party stealers! 

Here are some of the pictures of the mouth-watering candies that they offer in the candy corner:
Gum balls

milk sticks, colorful candies and lollipops


Gummy watermelon

Gummy worms

Colorful lollies

Chocorocks - my personal favorite :D
Kids enjoy this corner a lot, and it's really helpful in handling the waiting time for the buffet to be opened. :D

Their theme decorations were picturesque, too!
My nephew, enjoying the photo ops in the party place
We also enjoyed applying glitter tattoos!
My brother, happy to have glitter tattoo

I tries glitter tattoo, too! It's fun! Enjoyed by kids and kids at heart :D

My brother's glitter tattoo, applied by me :D

So to add extra kick and excitement to your parties, please contact:
Esther Panganiban - 09173295061
Ronald Asturias - 09063021557
Maricel Cantos - 09175748675

*this is a sponsored post

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Barako (Coffee) Jelly

It's Christmas season once again! Christmas parties will start filling up our schedules, and food will overflow like crazy! Good thing I have something new for you on your Christmas party menu! 

Try my very own barako-coffee jelly! 
Yummy dessert! Wine glasses for pictorial purposes only XD

The darkness of barako coffee mixed with choco chips and creamy milk is so good, one serving will not be enough. :) [I used black gulaman here, thus the darker-colored milk.]

Aside from being delicious, it's cheap too! Only 35php per 250ml! How cool is that?

Contact me at 0922-24-25-334 for orders. 

Hope to turn your party one level higher with these yummy desserts! :D

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cafe Amadeo

I'm admittedly a coffee addict. And I like them black with just a little bit of sugar. I hardly survive a day without one.
Luckily there are coffee shops here in Batangas that sells cheaper brewed coffees, and one's Cafe Amadeo.

Strategically located inside SM City Batangas, it's one of the coziest place to get one hot brewed drink.

Barako coffee - Php 59
Because the place is not usually crowded, one can study and/or tambay here without the usual noise of a fast food restaurant (yes, even though the shop doesn't have walls).

Their kapeng barako was rich but not overly done. I really enjoyed drinking it without any cream. I must say it's better than the brewed coffee from that famous coffee shop.

Pan de Tuna - Php 35
Plus, they serve cheap but tasty food like this Pan de Tuna. One mouthful is full of flavor - it's a steal for that price.

All in all, I will definitely visit again. I would like to try their Pahimis blend and suman sa lihiya, I heard it's a must-try. :D 

What do you recommend for me to try? Share your thoughts on the comments section below! :D

Monday, November 3, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little Mexico

Seems like around-the-corner small businesses are booming in the city! I blogged about a burger stall in Annalyn Subd here.)

Now, let's try another subdivision-located food house: Little Mexico (FB page here)!

The tarp, but due to Glenda, it became a table top
 Located at #17 De Joya Compound, Alangilan, Batangas City, it became a favorite hangout place of BSU Alangilan students (and teachers, too).

Inside the gate

I love these babies
They are known for their Cholo burger (P189), but because it's quite expensive, we (my cousin, my nephew and I) ordered quesadillas (P99) and Mexican pizza (P169).
The menu. For clearer photo, click here.

Because there are many customers and I believe they only have one cook, my nephew and I played first.

The owner noticed that there's a little kid in his food house of spicy things, so he made sure that our food isn't spicy. 
He also promised to give him a chocolate, which he did after we ate! Thoughtful!
With the menu.
 After about 40 minutes, the food was served!
Quesadillas (P99)
It comes with this condiments. I love the green ones! 
 It was the cheapest quesadillas I've tried, but it's the most sulit (worth the cost). I would buy this over the more expensive ones, especially because of its condiments. Plus, the cheesiness is not strong to the taste that I can eat n slices without getting umay (no english term acc. to google).

Mexican Pizza (P169)
Then came the Mexican pizza minutes after. It was overwhelming due to having eaten about 3 slices of quesadillas. Also, I think it would be better if they let the pizza be extra spicy, but then it was our fault, so maybe I should try to go there without a kid next time. :D

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Loot Bag of Goodness: Chooga Chooga Fruit Drink, Asahi Sardines, and more

Hello there! I have a distributor friend, and she gave me a loot bag of the goods that she handles!

Inside the bag


The products are being distributed around CALABARZON supermarkets and sari-sari stores.

Amigo Segurado paghetti, Amigo Spaghetti Sauce - Italian and Pinoy Style, Asahi Sardines, Golden Oats, and Chooga

These brands are relatively cheaper than their competitors, but with comparable goodness.


Amigo Segurado Spaghetti: Buy Pinoy!
I cooked the pasta al dente. Note: I added oil to the boling water to avoid clumping. I also added salt and pepper to add a little taste.

Sweet Blend and Italian Style

Buy Pinoy: Save Jobs

Cooked spag for my friends using both sauce (250g of spag each sauce) - they love it! I like the Italian style more because I don't like my spag sweet, but it's just me. :) 


I checked one market and it's the cheapest sardines there. For only P13.50, you can have a lycopene-fortified viand! 
Asahi Sardines (FB page here)
I love the hot one especially. :) 


Nutrition facts: always good to know

Does punching a straw to your tetra pack take time? Well, here's a treat for you: Chooga in Wise Pack!

Just tear to open!
It's easy to hold too, with that sexy and tall packaging.

The kids love them!

You can buy one for just P7! 

These Golden Oats are perfect for breakfast for only P11! 

When I have one, I enjoyed it with one banana and a cup of coffee. It's enough to keep me going until lunch! 
It comes in 6 flavors, and with different vitamins and minerals! Check them all here.

Check them all in your favorite supermarket! 
I especially recommend the Chooga drinks. :)
Thanks again, friend, for all of these!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gulugod Baboy: Ester's Refreshments

Mt. Gulugod Baboy, located at Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, is one of the popular hiking destinations in the province. Because it's relatively easier to climb (2/9 difficulty level), one can spend half day on the mountains and the other half on the beach! 
The steep road 
 Anyway, I climbed there for the first time last July but I needed to go back because I didn't take a photo of this store:
 Ester's has the best tasting halo-halo in the mountains, in my opinion, so far. I climbed below ten mountains only as of yet so I may not be the best judge for this, but it's really delicious. XD It's the first store from the foot of the mountain.
With other services :D
I tried it on my first hike, however, since I climbed the second time on a Monday, Tita Ester opted not to buy ingredients for halo-halo, so we settled for buko juice (Php10) and ice candy.

Corn-flavored ice candy
 It was too sweet for my liking, but I bought another one during the descent because it's still refreshing. I tried buko ice candy too, and it's less sweet. 
Corn-flavored ice candy
 But Tita Ester's best ice candy flavor is not buko or corn; it's ube. (I tried it during my first hike so I haven't taken a photo.) It has real ube bits and it doesn't taste like ube flavoring at all - I hate ube-flavored anything. But I definitely love real ube. They are all for Php5 each, so I recommend all hikers to try them. 

Here's some photos from the peak(s)! 

View: Sunbeam Resort

Beautiful views, aren't they? Have you tried Tita Ester's refreshments, too? Share your thoughts below! :)
I will blog the climbing details and post more photos on my other page, next time. :)