Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Anniversary Date at Cafeno

If you ever went to a Laiya beach, you would not not notice this restaurant. It is located on the side of an eye-catching Spanish era type house. When I first saw it, I immediately got curious on what food they offer. I even searched it in the internet - and when I did (NOMNOM LINKS - [afraid to use their images due to copyright laws etc]) , my curiosity heightened that I even posted (on FB) about my craving to go there. So when my dear boyfriend asked where we should have our anniversary, it's on my list. Because he's ever thoughtful, he picked Cafeno. :3

So, from Lipa City bus stop, we rode a van going to San Juan for 1-1.5 hours (Php 70 each).
Note: One would have to wait for the van to be full to depart. It has also the possibility to be a not-so comfortable ride, depending on how big the passengers are. Patience is a virtue.


I was giddy with excitement when I saw the place's interior - it oozed with uniqueness and creativity~. Here are some photos with their tables:

Lamp, candle holder, earrings and sewing machine mixed to add this table a creative touch.

The sewing machine table.
Another table design, this time it's simple. Made from tiles, with a cute seashell on top.
The 'coffee table'.

Because we hadn't had breakfast yet, we ordered breakfast meals, plus desserts.
Tapsilog. The kapeng Barako shot is a must-try.

Steamed chicken with 3 condiments.

My favorite part of the meal: atchara. This is the best atchara that I tasted  so far.

 I had the chance to try adding a barako shot to my rice, and it was a great experience. It only gave a hint of coffee, so one would not need to worry that the shot would ruin the rice-plus-viand taste. In fact, I think it became an appetizer.

I enjoyed my coffee after the meal, with sugar. J enjoyed his with sugar and milk.

Then, desserts were served.
Ice cream sandwich

Calamansi sherbet

I ordered the ice cream sandwich, but i was so full soI just ate the ice cream, which is creamy yummy, and left the sandwich part to J.
We also tried calamansi sherbet. It was so refreshing and not that sweet, which added to its awesomeness. It has calamansi peel bits which added flavor to the dessert. It will be an awesome treat after beach strolling in Laiya, or just for beating the summer heat.

I didn't have the chance to taste their famous Kapeng Barako ice cream because it was not available that time. Meaning, I have a reason to go back. :D

I'm sure GMA's 'Ang Pinaka' Yummy would reconsider their list when they dine in Cafeno in San Juan, Batangas. :)

Summary (the only flaw in this restaurant is that it's very far from me!):
Service - 

Taste - 
Cleanliness - 
Price - 

I loooove Cafeno. Have you tried dining there? What should I try on their menu next time I go there? :)

(Check out other photos here. :D)