Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brother and Sister's Korean Restaurant at Libjo, Batangas City

Since most of the industries here in Batangas City have Koreans as bosses and employees, it's just fitting to have a Korean Restaurant here. It was opened in May 2011 but because of its distance to other establishments, I have only eaten there twice. It is located in BSC Building opposite Camacho Trading  in Libjo, Batangas City.

To get there, my friends and I rode a tricycle (P10 per person) from SM City Batangas.

And, here we are! 
 We were the only customers when we got there so basically we hoarded the place. >:) The restaurant staff was friendly in assisting us to our tables and in getting our orders. Most of us were first timers: we weren't familiar with the Korean food names. Good thing the staff was very accommodating to our questions and he explained the menu to us.

In the ordered bulgogi, japche, gimbap and topokki.

But first, the sidings!

...Until the last piece!
I loved the nori and the peanuts. The kimchi and the other 2 sidings prepared us for Korean spice. After some minutes, our orders arrived!



Japche: what do you call the white strips there? I love it!
I did not have the time to take a picture of bulgogi because of hunger but it was beef with noodles and soup. It's my favorite dish so far. (I generally love beef dishes.:D) We really enjoyed the food especially the gimbap - it only took seconds for us to consume it. I also enjoyed the Korean taste of topokki, though my friends didn't because of its spiciness.

Service - 
Taste - 
Ambiance - 
Cleanliness - 
Price - 

I'll definitely visit again, but with someone who will pay for me, hopefully! :P

Friday, November 2, 2012

Batangas Foodtrip!

Since almost every week, my friends and I try meet up and eat somewhere new in Batangas (Batangas City mostly), and since Batangas has lots of restaurants, carinderias, lomi houses, beer houses and cafes, I decided to put up a blog for our food trips. :)

Blogging will never be this yummy. :)