Friday, May 3, 2013

F. Baylosis: Review

Here in Batangas City, when we talk about crispy pata, F. Baylosis (Facebook page) would surely come into the conversation.
Even though I heard them since high school, I've never eaten there because our family is not much of an explorer when it comes to dining (settling for restaurants nearer us or inside the malls).

But last week, when my friends and I met in SM Batangas and craved for crispy pata for dinner, we gave in because one, we never dined there before and two, it's not to far from us. We just walked to GC Berberabe, where the restaurant is located (map here).

It was a beautiful place, and it has a fine dining feel in it. It would be a perfect place for promenades and parties. And that's what was happening inside their main building when we arrived there so we were seated in Boracay Garden.


Bora garden

The lady singer aka "Ang babaeng walang pahinga" (Sang the whole time we were there.)

It was designed to have the ambiance of a beach, complete with fine sand and comfy rattan chairs (which sinks when you sit on it), though a sight of a swimming pool would be better (they have none).
Though I appreciated the sand, it was so fine that it's uncomfortable to step on already. It would be better if they put on coarser ones. I also wonder on where they get it, because that fine a sand would be hard to reclaim (for example, Boracay sands are not permitted to be reclaimed, as per environmental laws).
Feel the sands


Anyway, we ordered rice, crispy pata and pakbet (Menu price exclusive of 10% service charge).  (Photo while waiting, courtesy of @saniboink:
Maybe because of the walk which exhausted us a bit, we got really hungry, so we hadn't got energy to do anything else but to wait for the food. So every minute counted, and counted we did. The food was served 37-40 minuted after we ordered. Would that be considered slow service? For us hungry bunch, it did.

NOMNOM food!
But they made sure the food was worth the wait, because it really was delicious. The crispy pata was not only skin-crispy, the ligaments and fleshy parts were so soft that we only left bones. It deserves to be THAT well-known, even tough it is not that big. The pakbet was a good choice to partner off with the pata and rice. Even vegetable-non-lovers would try it, because it has strong pakbet flavor that lessens the veggie taste in a good way.

It was a good meal, though it would be better if we ordered one viand more, because we were not totally  full; our hunger was just satisfied.

When the bill came, we paid P264/person. With this price, plus the experience, I can conclude that the place is best for fancy dining and dinner dates. The ambiance and heavenly good food would be perfect for a romantic evening with a special someone. It would be a good starter if the evening would end in a good coffeehouse.

It could be an eat out place if you have money for it. But if you want to pig out without shedding too much cash, this place is not for you (not for me, actually, the cheapskate that I am).
But I did not regret eating there, no. Good food come with a good price naman.

I would want to come back with my willing-to-pay-for-a-meal grand/parents.

Service: ☆+0.5

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  1. UPDATE: I came back with my willing-to-pay aunt and we enjoyed the food. We had crispy pata, chopseuy and pansit (I don't remember what type of pansit). The place really is for people who doesn't give much of a damn in the amount of money that they spend for food.