Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Berb's Bar

After having dinner at F. Baylosis, we decided to see Club Yolanda since it's not too far from Baylosis and my friends and I haven't been there yet.
It was a mini resort feel in it. It's a perfect place for a party because it has:
1. pool
2. Berb's Bar (for your drinking needs)
3. Fred's Seafood Restaurant
4. function hall
The Bar

It also is overlooking Batangas City, which is a perfect ambiance for partying.
The view

Anyway, since we were already there, we decided to try their drinks (we could not afford to eat again). We ordered mango shake, buko pandan shake, avocado shake (shakes at Php 150) and kamikazee (Php 100).
Friends - while waiting

While waiting...

They served complimentary peanuts and water. 

Buko pandan and mango shakes were served after about 20 minutes; we were informed that the avocado shake was not available because it was still bitter (they made us taste it first) after serving the other two shakes. It would be better if they knew beforehand about the condition of their avocado so that while ordering, they could inform us immediately about it, so that no time will be wasted. I hope they would heed this advice next time. :) We ordered mango shake to replace the avocado. The other orders were served after 10-15 minutes.
Mango shake

Mango shake: up close

Buko pandan shake


Their mango shake is the second best mango shake that I tasted ever (first is TOSH's). It has right amount of sourness, and its presentation - with extra thin mango strips on top - is noteworthy. The same goes to the buko pandan shake's presentation. It's also yummy. I'm not a fan of pandan-flavored food, but I enjoyed drinking the shake.
The kamikazee, on the other hand, was quite strong on its alcohol content, but I enjoyed it because I wanted alcohol then. It would be too much for a party drink. I tasted better kamikazees (Tomato Kick's), but this would do.

After enjoying our drinks, the view, and a little chat, we asked for our bill.

Lesson learned: 12% VAT exclusive bill will be a shock if you don't calculate it firsthand, so beware of these things. It was a good business strategy, to exclude the VAT on the menu, because it really looked cheap; but it doesn't feel right for a customer's perspective after receiving the bill. :)

Overall, I liked the Berb's Bar experience. It would be a good place for meetups or reunion for financially stable people.


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