Thursday, July 24, 2014

'Grilled Burger for Sale' at Twinvilla Subd.

Burgers are becoming popular now in Batangas City (check this out). 
Now, if you're into cheap finds, you must try "Grilled Burger for Sale" at Argon corner Boron St., Twinvilla Village, Kumintang Ilaya, Batangas City. (Recommended by my friend Sani. Check her instagram here.).

Yes, it has no branding/name yet, but their burger (with pure beef patty!) tastes ohsogood already that it reached one company's ears and ordered 90 pieces!

Check the burger out for only Php 50!

What's inside: Grilled beef patty, cucumbers, cheese, onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo. (Mine's with extra mustard by request)
Photo by Sani

PS: You can order in advance by texting 0915-334-8442. They also have tables and chairs so you can 'dine in.' 

Have you tried their burger? Share your thoughts below! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mom's Lutong Bahay: Seafood Lomi

Batangas lomi is one of the delicacies in Batangas. A now-closed restaurant in Ilijan made a twist and added seafood as toppings in lomi. Toppings are usually pig liver, egg, chicharon and meatballs. 

And because my mom missed it, she cooked some! 
Seafood lomi with crab, shrimp and squid

Just sharing her awesome cooking~! :D