Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ann's Home of Cakes and Pastries: Choco Caramel Fudge Cake, and more

As promised, visited Ann's Home of Cakes and Pastries again, this time, my sister visited for cakes! (For pastries blog, click here.)

Here's her pasalubong for us:
From left: chocolate caramel fudge cake, red velvet cake and carrot cake

This is one of their well-known cakes. When it's asked where to find the most delicious carrot cake in Batangas, one would point Ann's. 

The walnuts did a wonderful job.
Most of the carrot cakes I tried were too dry and plain, but this one has the right amount of moist (the white creamy top and center filling was perfect), and the walnuts made it interesting. It's truly one of the best carrot cakes I've tasted.


I'm not really a fan or red velvets - I just don't get the flavor. Still I tried Ann's version, and I must say I like this better than what I've tried before (a more expensive one in Katipunan).

As always, the nuts (in this case, almonds slivers) are a great touch. As said, though not a fan of the flavor, that didn't stop me from eating it. It's not nakakaumay (I don't know the English term. Help, anyone?) unlike other red velvets that I tried, may it be a cupcake or cake, so I must say it's a must-try for all red velvet lovers. :)

PRICE: PHP 58 per slice.

This is their best tasting cake for me. It was addicting, not too sweet but oh-so-chocolaty, and the moist is perfect! 

The caramel part complemented the chocolate well.
We were so in love with this that my sister bought a whole cake a week after. This I recommend to everyone. I would even recommend Starbucks to let them distribute this over their chocolate cakes so that I can have cheaper cakes there, if only I have the power.
PRICE: PHP 58 per slice.

Over all, I can say that they have the best tasting and cheapest cakes, ever. I hope they could penetrate the Manila market soon. 

Please, Batanguenos, try one of their cakes. Highly recommended. :)


  1. Hi! Magkano yung pag buong cake?? :) thanks

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  3. Magandang Araw po..Tanong ko lang po kung magkano po yung buong carrot cake..tnx po