Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Harvest's Salted Coco Caramel

Here's something that is starting to invade Batangas City: Salted Coco Caramel!

First Harvest's Salted Coco Caramel with Sesame Seeds!

Gawad Kalinga's First Harvest introduces Salted Coco Caramel, made with love by the GK moms! (Social entrepreneurship is gaining grounds, as it should be!)

I loved coco jams when I was young. I was 'notorious' for eating too many of those at my cousin's house. But I got scolded a lot because it could cause tonsilitis.

So this price of heaven is definitely a good news! 

For orders from Batangas City, contact 0922-24-25334.

The Best Before date assures you that they're not filled with preservatives! (Bought this on July 1, 2014)

The secret to fame that rock salt and cheese flavored drinks gain is in this jar too. Its hint of saltiness compliment its natural sweet flavor. 
And surprisingly, what's more addictive is the additional sesame seeds!

Tip: Spread into a slice of bread and toast it :D YUMMY!

If you're into jams, please don't miss this~! 

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