Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Tea Place: Tea Leaves in Batangas City

Tired of your usual mall cafes? Looking for a new place to chill and/or hangout with friends? There's a [relatively] new place in town: Tea Leaves.
It's located at P. Burgos St. opposite BDO.

Map from foursquare here.
I went there with my girlfriends Sani and Girlie because we just don;t want to stay in our houses. :)
If you've ever been at Infinitea, they almost look the same, from menu to the ambiance. (I don't know if they are partners.) And having that ambiance, it's definitely worth the visit.

I ordered watermelon fruit tea with the P15 upgrade (slush, I think.) 

Fruit tea slush for P75.
I'm a tea place goer in Diliman (read: free wifi) so I kind of have a  set of standards for an iced tea. I'm happy that this fruit tea is not as sweet and syrupy as Happy Leaf's (I'm not a fan, sorry), so I guess this could compete with Zentea of Nuciti. (Ochado's teas are good but more expensive than Zentea's or Tea Leaves' so...not for me). I just regretted that I added the slush+ because I don't like the aftertaste.

We stayed there even after we finished our teas, and we had fun with the leafy post its. :)))


Girlie's artsy leaves and Sani's Nihongo leaf.

My Alibata leaf.

And we had more fun reading the posts from other customers. :D

Don't know if compliment of insult. XD

Summary: I would love to visit it again. :) For the leafy posts. XD 


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