Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little Mexico

Seems like around-the-corner small businesses are booming in the city! I blogged about a burger stall in Annalyn Subd here.)

Now, let's try another subdivision-located food house: Little Mexico (FB page here)!

The tarp, but due to Glenda, it became a table top
 Located at #17 De Joya Compound, Alangilan, Batangas City, it became a favorite hangout place of BSU Alangilan students (and teachers, too).

Inside the gate

I love these babies
They are known for their Cholo burger (P189), but because it's quite expensive, we (my cousin, my nephew and I) ordered quesadillas (P99) and Mexican pizza (P169).
The menu. For clearer photo, click here.

Because there are many customers and I believe they only have one cook, my nephew and I played first.

The owner noticed that there's a little kid in his food house of spicy things, so he made sure that our food isn't spicy. 
He also promised to give him a chocolate, which he did after we ate! Thoughtful!
With the menu.
 After about 40 minutes, the food was served!
Quesadillas (P99)
It comes with this condiments. I love the green ones! 
 It was the cheapest quesadillas I've tried, but it's the most sulit (worth the cost). I would buy this over the more expensive ones, especially because of its condiments. Plus, the cheesiness is not strong to the taste that I can eat n slices without getting umay (no english term acc. to google).

Mexican Pizza (P169)
Then came the Mexican pizza minutes after. It was overwhelming due to having eaten about 3 slices of quesadillas. Also, I think it would be better if they let the pizza be extra spicy, but then it was our fault, so maybe I should try to go there without a kid next time. :D


  1. Hello Sasa,

    We will hunt this place when we go back to Batangas City. Keep sharing. Thanks and God bless.

    Keep Blogging,
    Red @ NewSmile - Batangas City Dental Clinic

    1. Thank you! I'll be blogging little food businesses around the area soon!