Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cafe Amadeo

I'm admittedly a coffee addict. And I like them black with just a little bit of sugar. I hardly survive a day without one.
Luckily there are coffee shops here in Batangas that sells cheaper brewed coffees, and one's Cafe Amadeo.

Strategically located inside SM City Batangas, it's one of the coziest place to get one hot brewed drink.

Barako coffee - Php 59
Because the place is not usually crowded, one can study and/or tambay here without the usual noise of a fast food restaurant (yes, even though the shop doesn't have walls).

Their kapeng barako was rich but not overly done. I really enjoyed drinking it without any cream. I must say it's better than the brewed coffee from that famous coffee shop.

Pan de Tuna - Php 35
Plus, they serve cheap but tasty food like this Pan de Tuna. One mouthful is full of flavor - it's a steal for that price.

All in all, I will definitely visit again. I would like to try their Pahimis blend and suman sa lihiya, I heard it's a must-try. :D 

What do you recommend for me to try? Share your thoughts on the comments section below! :D

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