Saturday, December 6, 2014

Instant Salabat for this cold Christmas season :D

Tis Christmas time again! Time to wear on the jackets and sip hot hot drinks!

And, one of the traditional Filipino teas served during the cold seasons is the SALABAT (ginger tea).

Not only is salabat a perfect partner for your knitted clothing, it's also known to be good for your voice! Not only that, ginger is used to:

  • treat stomach problems including morning sickness and nausea,
  • relieve tired muscles, and
  • improve blood circulation.

However, boiling ginger is a tedious, timely task. Good thing  there's instant homemade salabat!

Here's a time-lapse video on how they made it: it's very cool! 

This Christmas season, they made a limited edition package. 

Just for Php100, you can avail this natural brew. You can even give this to your friends for Christmas.

Cool and elegant packaging made just for this season. Get one (or more,for your friends) now. :D

For orders, you may contact Gen: 0917-549-3148.

*all photos used in this blog are from mcgen
**this is a sponsored post.

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  1. Dad loves salabat, I always buy him a jar which I saw at Citimart. but then, he stopped drinking, i dont know why :/

    from Myxilog with Love <3