Monday, April 7, 2014

Ann's Home of Cakes and Pastries

My brother Sam loves pastries (he loved Dulcissima Bakeshop’s cream puffs). So after his badminton lesson at Batangas Badminton and Fitness Gym Center, I brought him to Ann’s Home of Cakes and Pastries, the nearest pastries shop there. 
The shop’s located at P. Canlapan St., Batangas City. Balagtas jeep passes this street.
Pastries galore!

It was our first visit and we hoped that there would be cream puffs there too. 
Alas, we found none, so be bought blueberry cheesecake for us to share and butterscotch squares for pasalubong.
blueberry cheesecake for 88 pesos 
butterscotch squares for 38 pesos

We weren't disappointed though. :D
Sam loved the cheesecake, especially the cheese part. He suggested that we should buy again tomorrow. I also liked it, especially because the cheese is way thicker than the cake part, which can sometimes be too sweet for me. The only flaw of this sweet thing is that it should always be kept refrigerated or it would melt; the shop does not have dining facilities. It would be best if the shop offers disposable spoon for the cake to be eaten right after it was bought.

My nephew Reygiel, on the other hand, loved the butterscotch squares. 

He didn’t let go of them, not until he finished them all up. Fortunately I got one after he made me open the container LOL. What I like about this butterscotch is it’s not too oily nor too sweet (hindi nakakaumay).

All things considered, we loved their pastries! Can’t wait to try their round cakes, oatmeal cookies and revel bars. We’ll definitely be back tomorrow. :)
What should we buy for our next visit? Tell us in the comments section below. :D

UPDATE: Blogged about their cakes, too, here! :D

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