Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lomi FaceOff!

Almost every corner/barangay in Batangas has one lomi house. It is one of the province's delicacy because it differs  from other lomi in the Philippines; it has viscous texture. 

In Alangilan alone, there are more than five lomi houses, mainly due to having many schools in the said barangay. But I frequent on these three lomi houses because I prefer their recipe; they are Emjaykas, Irene's and Mega. 

Want to try Batangas lomi but can't choose where to eat? Let me help you with:


Place: Ambience
Sahog (Other ingredients)321

For the soup, the tastiest is Mega's. I think this is also why it's the most famous among the three. Their condiments are also tastier and have more variety than the other two. Although for viscosity, I like the Irene's more. It's also a factor that the lomi is viscous while it is being eaten, and Irene's last longest. (Though I had known a restaurant which served a longer lasting viscosity - Ynah's at Ilijan, Batangas City. Their famous seafood lomi is sorely missed - the restaurant closed already.) 
But for the toppings, I applaud the three for being generous with them. I have eaten at more famous lomi houses in Batangas and some of them even lacked onions and they can be counted in one hand. Emjaykas has the most number and variety of toppings (some fish or squidball, liver, meatball, egg). But because of I am a liver lover, I liked Irene's  more because their lomi has 2 slices of liver with the biggest size relative to the two. 
As for the condiments, the crushed, toasted garlic of Mega is the main reason for its high score. This is the unique thing in Mega that makes its lomi irresistible. 
For the ambiance,  Irene's definitely the best among the three. It has the biggest space for customers, and the cleanest too.

All in all, Irene's is the best lomi house for me. Try them all and share your experience with me. :)

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