Sunday, June 1, 2014

Marina Oyster Seafood Grill - Good for Family Dining

Our family revived one of our past traditions: to dine outside the house once every month. For the month of April, we went to Marina Oyster Seafood Grill! 

The restaurant is located at National Highway, Pallocan West, adjacent to the Holy Trinity Church beside SM City Batangas. It's not really easy to see because from the road, but there's a sign at the entrance. 

It's our first time to dine there, so we took our time to order. 

Meanwhile, here's the complimentary shrimp cracklings
 After placing our orders, it's picture time! 

We didn't have to be shy to take pictures because we're the only ones eating there at that time. :)
 The dining area is spacious and regal-looking, so it would be perfect for business meetings, family gatherings and other formal events. 


One thing I love the most here is that they serve faster than other restaurants with the same theme. The complementary food helped, too.

The first one to be served is the lato salad. It comes with alamang (fish paste), to complement with the green mango and tomato in the salad. 
Lato Salad - Php 130
If you're really into seafoods, you'll love lato salad. One tip, though: eat it right after it was served because it gets watery through time.

Then came the main dishes!

The calamares was not exceptional - just like other calamares, but it was eaten quickly anyway. I guess we really love squids.

Calamares - Php 220
 We loved the bagoong rice! The added green mango strips added to its deliciousness.
Bagoong Fried Rice - Php 95
 The chicharon part was the best in this pork sisig.
Pork Sisig - Php 250 
Mom ordered the chicken inasal. It looked small but it has three pieces of meat and has savory sauce, so it's all good. I hoarded the atsara (not in the picture). 
Chicken Inasal -Php 199
 We were doubting re the freshness of the seafood in the soup, but it was rich and tasted good, so we carried on. 
Marina Seafood Soup - Php 350

My portion of the soup
Overall, the food was great! We especially loved the bagoong rice and the pork sisig. We're six in the family (excluding the baby because he only ate plain rice) and we've got to try everything we ordered, so the serving's not measly.

The best part of it is we paid (read: Dad) lower than what we are paying in restaurants like Shakey's, but we were as full. 

It was a nice experience, all in all. Would love to come back soon. :D

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